Ceradust (formerly known as Arik Ceradust Johnson or Cera The Phantom) is a commentator who started November 5, 2016. Before that, he did reaction videos and has since made reviews and countdowns via a side channel called Ceradust Army.

History Edit

He started doing commentaries because he thought they would be fun to make despite knowing his quality was terrible in comparison to the commentators he looked up to (E.G. MasterTP10, Doodletones, MangaKamen) people began to commentate on him after his video on blazingknight was covered by Doodletones on DLCTV.

As a commentator, he mainly does his commentaries unscripted thus leading to many faulty points making it into the final video (and the commentaries on him by extension) attempted a story arc involving time travel as an excuse to cover old bandwagons but scrapped it after his Blackish Butler commentary and became infamous for recording his commentaries with a camcorder.

He then became a member of Deck of the Chipmunks on June 23, 2017 (before the group would later disband) and a member of The Cloud Palace on February 5, 2018.

Starting with his MegaDoopTV commentary, he has retired the use of his camcorder in his commentaries. This has started to gain him favorable reception.

Avatars Edit

  • Spectra Phantom (Bakugan New Vestroia) (Main)
  • Kyoya Gaen (Future Card Buddyfight) 
  • Sofia Sakharov (Future Card Buddyfight)
  • Sakate Onigashira (Buddyfight X) 
  • Jaime Alcaraz (Cardfight Vanguard G) 
  • Rantaro Amami (Danganronpa V3) 
  • Kazuichi Soda (Danganronpa 2)
  • Togedemaru (Pokemon)
  • Azura (Fire Emblem Fates)
  • Kei "Shiroe" Shirogane (Log Horizon) [~~Just do it Cera~~]
  • Silver The Hedgehog (Sonic Series) (Retired)
  • Eclipse (Sonic Series) (Retired)
  • Blake Belladonna (RWBY) (Retired) 
  • Olivier Gaillard (Cardfight Vanguard Legion Mate) (Retired) 
  • Kazumi Onimaru (Cardfight Vanguard G Next) (once during the anankos chain) (Retired) 
  • Tokoha Anjou (Cardfight Vanguard G) (Retired)
  • C2 (Code Geass) (Retired)
  • Lubbock (Akame Ga Kill) (Retired)
  • Alito (Yugioh Zexal) (Retired)
  • Yuri (Yugioh Arc V) (Retired)
  • Heckyl (Power Rangers Dino Charge) (Retired)
  • Team Skull Grunt (Pokemon) (Retired)
  • Toko Fukawa (Danganronpa) (Unsure)

People he commentated on Edit

People who commentated on him Edit