Not to be confused with Blaze The Movie Fan.

Blaze, formerly known as Blazin'rants and Blazin'rants&commentaries, now BlazetheWeirdo is a commentator from 2015 who joined the commentary community since her first commentary on FCKH8. which, mysteriously vanished. She would then become a B.O.P. member around July 2015.

Avatars Edit

  • Rikki (Her OC) [Main]
  • Revy (Black Lagoon) [2nd Main]
  • Kayako Saeki (Ju-on The Grudge)
  • Stitch (Her OC)

Commentaries Edit

Commentaries by Blaze

People she co-op'd with Edit

People who commentated on her Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She's in a relationship with former B.O.P. member Kayden Marx. She also does the drawings of his OC.

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