Blazing Larvesta
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Blazing Larvesta is a commentator who started in 2017. Alongside commentating, he is also known for doing countdowns, reviews, and Let's Plays.

History Edit

The Not So Good Old Days Edit

Blazing Larvesta opened up his channel on August 19, 2016, though he had not made any videos until his first countdown, Top Ten Disappointing Games, on December 20, 2016.[1]
Foolish Phantom

The thumbnail for Larvesta’s first commentary, Foolish Phantom.

That said, Larvesta would not start making commentaries until September 9, 2017, where he made a response video to Phantom N's on his Disappointing Games list. Unfortunately for Larvesta, his commentary was very poorly received, with it being commentated on by Lebers and Doodletones.

Overall, his videos at the time, especially his commentaries, were not well received, with Keyblade Master ranking him as the worst commentator of 2017,[2] and Kirbystarwarrior ranking him as the 2nd worst commentator of all time, losing only to TheMetalBlade5. [3]

Hiatus and Return Edit

On February 6, 2018, Larvesta had announced in the comments of his fourth countdown that he would be taking a short break from YouTube to reflect on some of the criticism that he had been receiving over the past year. He would not be seen online since then until he suddenly disowned six of his videos, including his commentaries on Phantom N and ProJared, on March 31, 2018.[4] His next video following his hiatus would be his commentary on Sean S, released on June 7, 2018, followed by a commentary on Halofan HP00 on October 21, 2018. Both videos were widely considered to be an improvement over Larvesta's pre-hiatus videos, and he has since started to become more positively received.


Larvesta announcing his hiatus back in February.

Avatars Edit

  • Larvesta (Pokémon Black & White) [Main]

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Quotes Edit

  • Time to ignite my flames! ~His catchphrase, mostly in his countdowns
  • *mocking laughter* My goodness, Phantom, you missed the forest for the trees! ~Foolish Phantom, Larvesta’s 1st commentary
  • Double standards are the best... ~Larvesta infamously misusing the double standards term against ProJared
  • Alright, time to wait for my brand new- *warps* Hey, I didn’t even get a chance to pack up my stuff! ~Going at a Snail’s Pace, when Larvesta changed his visuals after receiving backlash for his prior visual style.

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to have a strong hatred towards the games Tomodachi Life and The Stanley Parable.
  • Keyblade Master often pokes fun at Larvesta in some of the former’s commentaries, such as showing an image of Larvesta and mockingly saying “I don’t understand why people like this game!” in his 8th commentary.

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