Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals
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Bunch of Pseudo Intellectuals, or B.O.P. for short, is a group channel created by Mills Kohai and a few others. It was created on February 26, 2014, and has received critical acclaim ever since May or June 2014. Commentaries on the channel are commonly tri-ops or quad-ops. other videos are posted on the channel such as discussions or Let's Plays.

In September of 2015, B.O.P. also began a podcast series called BOPcast, which was run by SkiHound and features people in and outside of B.O.P. as guests. BOPcast was later canceled in 2016 and was brought back as Berzurk Podcast on SkiHound's channel. However, near the end of 2016, Berzurk Podcast ended, and BOPcast was brought back (although there hasn't been a BOPcast yet).

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Accomplices Edit

Accomplices are certain commentators or YouTubers who commonly associate with B.O.P. Most of these users are part of the Federation of the Exalted, another commentary group.

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Trivia Edit

  • B.O.P. while being known for their commentaries, which then inspired a lot of commentary group channels, it is not a commentary channel from the beginning. while yes they make commentaries, the channel is suppose to be more than that.
  • BOPCast used to have non-B.O.P. members participate (some examples being 8363MTR, George Raccoon and others).
  • There is a misconception that Mills Kohai (Rion) is the leader of the group since he created it. However, it's been proven that there's no real leader for the group, but rather it's managed by multiple people.