The following is a list of commentaries by DigitalTy for his and other channels.

Commentaries on his channel Edit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
I Hate Because I'm Bored AF (Commentary on xXZinniss123)[1] xXZinniss123Xx May 5, 2016 11:44
Plague of Mario Enemies (Commentary on Shadowxx25)[2] Shadowxx25 July 16, 2016 20:34
A D H O M I N E M A T T A C K S (One-Shot on Doodletones and Autumn-Chan)[3] Doodletones and Autumn Chan August 14, 2016 1:21
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Joke commentary.
You Happy-Quack (One-Shot on Just A Robot)[4] Just a Robot August 25, 2016 0:47
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Joke commentary.
  • Ty's shortest commentary on this channel.
TOO MUCH DRAMA (One-Shot on MasterTP10)[5] MasterTP10 September 10, 2016 2:36
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Joke commentary.
DigitalTy: The First Movie (Commentary on Yanna)[6] Yanna October 23, 2016 56:23
I Give In (One-Shot on Silver and Louden Styles)[7] Silver and TheNationofJohnnyK November 4, 2016 1:12
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Joke commentary.
Reaching Out (Commentary on Darkscythe)[8] Darkscythe December 15, 2016 6:07
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Joke commentary.
G-Rated DigitalTy (Commentary on That7thBloodyDragon)[9] That7thBloodyDragon February 4, 2017 36:31
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Cameo by RabbidLuigi (as Arceus and himself).
  • Second-degree commentary.
The Real Fool (One-Shot On Stamarin Stars)[10] Stamarin Stars March 31, 2017 0:53
Its a Co-Op With My Past Self, Gosh (Commentary on Kurome Towa & Jonah Smith)[12] Kurome Towa and Jonah Smith April 13, 2017 28:39
The CC Runback (Commentary on supersonicward15 & Sean S)[15] Supersonicward15 and Sean S. July 12, 2017 29:07
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Cameo by Young Ty (as Yang Xiao Long).

Commentaries on other channels Edit

Bunch of Pseudo IntellectualsEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
A B.O.P. Commentary - Conker's Bad Kyah Day[16] Conkeronine August 18, 2016 38:32
A B.O.P. Commentary - BoP Charm: Civil War[17] MangaKamen and Galeforce3192 May 5, 2017 1:04:07


Title Subject Released Length Notes
The Great Hendeca-Op[18] ChaosKey4013 September 29, 2016 1:02:26
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Co-op with Doodletones (as Tomoko Kuroki).
  • In segment #7: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Plague of Power-Ups (Commentary)[19] ChaosKey4013 and Water Master Fawn November 18, 2015 53:18
  • Avatar: Yang Xiao Long and Mona.
  • Co-op with MasterTP10 (as Magma Admin Courtney and Plague Knight).
  • Cameos by Zera Richards (as Tohru Adachi), NextGWSMan (voice-over), and RabbidLuigi (Arceus and himself).
  • Intro by DigitalTy.
  • Annotation at 11:33: Sorry, accidentally showed Super Mario World there instead of Super Mario Bros 3. That said, Super Mario Bros 3 is $4.99 on the e-Shop - Even cheaper than SMW, so price is even less of an excuse.
A TP Carol (Commentary)[20] MasterTP10, Zera Richards and Galeforce3192 July 25, 2017 1:00:33

References Edit


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