The following is a list of commentaries by Kayden Marx for his and other channels.

Commentaries on his channel Edit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Snoopy Died Today (Commentary on Gamer Rant)[1] Gamer Rantz May 9, 2015 18:04
Do you even Blaze it? (Commentary on Nfinity Gaming)[2] Nfinity Gaming May 17, 2015 20:10
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
I Don't Like Cartoon Changework (Commentary on Kerrie Grissom)[3] Kerrie Grissom June 4, 2015 18:58
  • Removed.
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
He Who Throws The First Stoner: Part 2 (Co-Op w/ Realm Warssii)[4] Midnight Fantom July 9, 2015 26:02
ProtoMario and Jokes[6] ProtoMario September 27, 2015 38:43
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
  • Cameos by Zera Richards (as Cynder), TheNationofJohnnyK (Leo), HarleyScalington (Ruby), MasterTP10 (King Dedede), Rion "Rhino" Mills (It Me), and Blaze (Revy).
  • Annotation at 0:00: Remember to watch the whole video before leaving a comment. You don't want to come off as ignorant. ~Protomario
  • Kayden's longest commentary on his channel.
  • Received many dislikes due to fan backlash.
  • Kayden disowned this commentary.

Commentaries on other channelsEdit


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Commentary: Walking on a Dreamcast (with Kayden Marx)[7] DreamcastGuy April 9, 2017 33:07

Bunch of Pseudo IntellectualsEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
A B.O.P. Commentary - Joshie's Woobly World[8] Blackish Butler and The Son of Sparda March 7, 2016 43:10
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
  • Co-op with RickyRay102 (Sparky), MasterTP10 (Tikal), and Rion "Rhino" Mills (It Me).
  • Edited by NextGWSMan and TP.
  • Second-degree commentary.
The Unauthorized Commentary Of Chambers of my Heart[9] Chambers of my Heart August 16, 2016 1:40:54
  • Avatar: Kayden (OC).
  • Co-op with Blaze (as Revy), Youngbloodfantasy91 (as Hobbes), and Akriloth2160 (as Edward).
  • Edited by Akriloth.
  • Cameos by Davidwash3r3 (as Nick Wilde), MasterTP10 (as Mimi), and Galeforce3192 (as Naoto Shirogane).
  • The longest commentary on the channel.


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Gimme My Shekels [Emer Prevost] (ft. Kayden Marx)[10] Emer Prevost September 15, 2016 29:22
  • Removed.
  • Avatar: Kayden (OC).
  • Co-op with Doodletones (as Suzy Doodle).
  • Commentated on by Darkghostwind.[11]


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Random White Guy: BoobsandBlood Not Chestnuts[12] Gaijin Goomba April 27, 2015 13:36
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
  • Kayden's first commentary.
One Shot: You Know He's A Troll Right?[13] Seck Boi June 17, 2015 1:54
  • No avatar (on camera).
  • Co-op with TheNationofJohnnyK (on camera).
  • Commentated on by Bastard Gummy.[14]
Team M.B.F.I.B Presents: Hello I Am Edgelord[15] JayR July 30, 2015 33:14
  • Avatar: Scarlet David.
  • Co-op with TheNationofJohnnyK (as Leo).
  • Cameo by Zera Richards (as Damian Beelzly).
  • Commentated on by JayR.[16]

References Edit


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