Commentaries by Pcuspard Edit

  • Lemon Juice and Hell Fruits (Baron the Toku Legacy)-Avatar: Pcuspard
  • The Eryizo Question Mark (Eryizo)-Avatar: Miia
  • Nep Pissed Noire Off! (FutabaOracle)-Avatar: Miia
  • Pcuspard 2017: The Ego's Rant (Egoraptor)-Avatar: Miia
  • The Sonic Adventure Grave Digger (NicePasta)-Avatar: Compa Co-Op Avatar: Neptune

Notes Edit

  • Pcuspard called his commentary on Egoraptor "Pcuspard 2017" due to the length of the commentary.
  • In The Sonic Adventure Grave Digger, his friends, Persona, and SpecialForm12 made small cameos in the video.

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