The following is a list of commentaries by Silver for his and other channels.

Commentaries on his channelEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Three People Have Better Unity Than One (Tri-op Commentary on Flame of Unity)[1] Flame of Unity June 3, 2016 44:01
Robots are Kinda Mean (Response to Just a Robot)[2] Just a Robot June 18, 2016 1:21
  • Avatar: Athena Cykes.
  • Joke commentary.
Being Overrated is Overrated You Guys (Commentary on Nihilistic Snake) (Co-op with Doodletones)[3] Nihilistic Snake August 16, 2016 30:30
The Mean Robot Replied (Commentary on Just a Robot)[4] Just a Robot August 25, 2016 0:42
  • Avatar: Athena Cykes.
  • Joke commentary.
  • Shortest commentary on Silver's channel.
Blaze The Italian German Something IDK (Co-op Commentary on Blaze the Movie Fan w Louden)[5] Blaze The Movie Fan October 19, 2016 21:27
The Ice Climbers are Banned from Sm4sh, Here's Why (Commentary on Freezing Popo)[6] Freezing Popo November 24, 2016 31:31
Robots Kicked Me In The Shin[7] Just a Robot December 13, 2016 5:57
  • Avatar: Apollo Justice.
  • Joke commentary.
Language Wall Built (One Shot on Spookly Woobler)[8] Chris Taylor VA December 18, 2016 1:08
  • Avatar: Apollo Justice.
  • Joke commentary.
AnnabethRide to Hell Retribution (Commentary on AnnabethRide)[9] AnnabethRide March 31, 2017 15:02
  • Avatar: This clip by Bill Wurtz.[10]
  • Joke commentary.
Turnabout Esteem (Co-op with AnnabethRide)[11] SkettyYetti April 26, 2017 28:50
Strawman the Video Game feat Silver and Scarlet and Knuckles[12] Crafter Brothers May 23, 2017 24:28
Dicks for a Bra (co-op with Hiten Mitsuru)[13] Liberty Baptist 1776 August 21, 2017 22:09
Butts are Nice[14] Harman Smith August 29, 2017 22:54
  • Avatar: His OC and Athena Cykes (for one segment).
  • Cameos by Doodletones (as Elizabeth), MasterTP10 (Mimi) and Rion "Rhino" Mills (It Me).
Burn the Bug Pony (Co-op with UtubdeDude2)[15] Derterifii and Supersonicward15 October 9, 2017 25:29
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Co-op with UTubeDude2 (as Drunk Stick Guy)
  • Cameos by Red Angel (as her OC) and Mediamaster127 (his OC).

Commentaries on other channelsEdit


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Boon Cannon #34 (w/ Silver): Weed Palace (Jonah Smith)[16] Jonah Smith
July 15, 2017 45:25
  • Avatar: His OC.
  • Co-op with Boonslayer (as Toonslayer and His Face (for one segment)).
  • Cameo by Hiten Mitsuru (as Vinsmoke Sanji).
  • Second-degree commentary.

Bunch of Pseudo IntellectualsEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
A B.O.P. Commentary - Conker's Bad Kyah Day[17] Conkeronine August 18, 2016 38:32

Chris Taylor VAEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Kris and Silver, Now On 4K!ds TV (Co-op on TeenGohanFighter feat. Silver)[18] TeenGohanFighter January 11, 2017 30:52
  • Avatar: Kris.
  • Co-op with Chris Taylor VA (as Silver).
  • Cameos by MaverickHunterZero75 (as his OC) and DigitalTy (his OC).


Title Subject Released Length Notes
M'Vampires Suck (ft Silver & RavenKingSage)[19] The Green Scorpion October 31, 2016 38:12
  • Avatar: Apollo Justice.
  • Co-op with Doodletones (as Minnie) and RavenNG (Xander).
  • Commentated on by The Quarter Guy.[20]


Title Subject Released Length Notes
Tamashii Can't Block These Comments[21] TamashiiHiroka and Trickywi March 26, 2016 28:26
  • Avatar: Gary Oak.
  • Co-op with JustCallMeHenry (as N) and MasterTP10 (Mimi).
  • Edited by TP.
  • Received many dislikes due to fan backlash.

Rion "Rhino" MillsEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Lets Just Comment Episode 42: SkeletonNation - Schooling Fresh Meat[22] Obscurian March 31, 2016 17:05
  • Avatar: Athena Cykes.
  • Co-op with Rion "Rhino" Mills (as It Me) and Doodletones (Elizabeth).
  • Cameos by MasterTP10 (as Mimi), Waddles McGee (voiceover), RickyRay102 (voiceover), and Zera Richards (Lopunny).
  • Minor editing by TP.
  • Eleventh-degree commentary.

Scarlet OtakuEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Starshooter Commentary-- Dabbin' Hurts the Face Dude, You Should Stop[23] Dabbadude Commentates May 21, 2017 33:35

Water Master FawnEdit

Title Subject Released Length Notes
Rapid Co-opentaries Episode 3: A Beyond Nerfed Meta Knight (Feat. The Silver Keyblade)[24] Meta527II July 26, 2015 33:35
  • Avatar: Pit.
  • Co-op with Water Master Fawn (as Callie).
  • Commentated on by MasterTP10 and NextGWSMan.[25]
  • Silver has disowned this commentary.

References Edit


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