Commentaries that are widely held in high regard by viewers and commentators alike.

2013 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Professor Commentaries - The Cloverfield Monster[1] TOGProfessor SaganFan1983 (back then known as TheOrionBroadcast) October 27, 2013 10:27
  • Sarcasm is used in an entertaining way.
  • Legitimate problems with the video pointed out.
  • Avatar: Franken Stein.
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • Commentated on by SaganFan1983.[2]

2016 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
I Sereously Have A Bone 2 Pick


Doodletones SkeletonNation and SereousGamer33 April 15, 2016 17:11
  • Avatars: Charmy, Bee (SkeletonNation), and Tails (SereousGamer33).
  • Sixth-degree commentary (incorrectly labeled seventh in the video).
Commentary: Cult of Dusty The Atheist Elitist[4] Blaze The Movie Fan Cult of Dusty October 22, 2016 18:00
  • Pointing out legitimate problems with Dusty's video.
  • People who normally don't like Blaze's commentaries admit he did a good job here.
  • Third-degree commentary.
  • Nine people reviewed the script. They are Emery Bowman, Kristal Colt, Danny Korcz, Mike's Island, GoldFinale, Doodletones, BurnCoalition and Lemminggaming.
Setting Fire to the Joshua Tree[5] Doodletones Various December 16, 2016 52:40
  • Called out everybody.
  • Pointed out how biased everyone was.
  • Made great counter-points.
  • Convinced everyone involved (except Obscurian) to cool down on videos on Joshua.

2017 Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Ponder Sprocket The Movie[6] Ponder Sprocket The Masked Starmaker, Illiniguy34, Chirprocks, The Illogical Reaper, Jorm, and MrAwesome 'N Mario360 July 2, 2017 2:09:13
  • Good points.
  • A video over an hour long done right.
Digital Dissections: Ep. 2 - Lily Peet: A Digital Homocide Story[8] Aeron Tempest Lily Peet September 13, 2017 47:04
  • Backs up claims with verifiable evidence.
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • Very informative and entertaining.
  • Solid presentation.
Lets Just Comment Episode 51: C.A.N. - I Don't Wanna, The Movie


Mills Kohai Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers (Jonah Smith, Darkcrimsonknight89, Supersonicward15, and Lunaticthegame) October 6, 2017 1:29:44
  • Fill in the blanks.
  • Avatar: Actual Me.
  • Edited by Doodletones.
  • Co-op with Doodletones (as Elizabeth), Gindemtaynayka (himself) and オタクがん (Julie).
  • Cameos by Post Rion (as Korekiyo Shinguji), Silver (The Devil via Dark Pit), Jiggy Shark (xxx), and Autumn Chan (her OC).
  • Second-degree commentary.
  • The long title of this commentary is "I Don't Wanna, The Movie Part IV: International C.A.N. of Mystery".

Unknown release date Edit

Title Uploader Subject Released Length Praises Notes
Tubers93 is not funny BassClefEly (back then known as MSkull01) Tubers93 2011 Unknown
  • Legitimate points were being made throughout.
  • Even though the commentary itself is long gone, there does exist an edited version of it.[12]

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  12. Part 1 and 2