The Corporation of the Alternative Nitpickers or C.A.N. for short is a commentary group created by darkcicada29 intended for newer and lower commentators while also being open to anyone. Unfortunately, its original roster had been complex and the group couldn't agree to anything. Now though, with new moderators at the helm it seems to be picking speed.

Current Members Edit

Former Members Edit

  • MrFlipperInvader782
  • The Cartoon Critic
  • Sumptuous Turkey
  • Channel
  • SereousGamer33
  • WretchedChild88
  • Dan-dragon star1988
  • Silverfox1232
  • darkcicada29
  • Obscurian
  • Some Funny Meme that will die in a few months
  • Cl0wn-DUD3
  • Pokefan the Weirdo
  • Mad Plushie
  • Blasty
  • DarkiusVG
  • Mr. Demon Slayer

Trivia Edit

  • The group have scrapped a total of 2 scripted commentaries. The first one had been finished but was canned after Direct left the group and once Cl0wn was kicked the script was forgotten about. The second one was a tri-op on a countdown that would have been featured Blast, Mr. A and Mad Plushie. This one was both scripted and edited but never released at the suggestion of NaiTaiDai and Supersonicward15 who thought it was okay at best but not good enough for a first.
  • Direct had an emotional breakdown from April onwards, and no longer interacts with most of the members. He also kicked a third of the members before leaving.
  • Their creation happened shortly before The F-Team and a merger had been planned at one point.

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