Deck of the Chipmunks, or D.O.C. for short (formerly known as Call of Divine Idiots, or C.D.I. for short) is a commentary group created by Blasty and co-founded by Discount on March 22, 2017. Since the re-brand of the group, tons of people joined the group since. Its main goal is to help out members of the CC that are new and struggling and to teach people who want to make commentaries how to make them.

Blasty is trying to make the group focus on commentaries, but try out other stuff along the way, such as livestreams, let's plays, discussions and much more.

Current Members Edit

Past Members Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Easiest Group to get into. You ask, you get added. Other members outside of staff can ask other members if they want to join the group.
  • They call their Skype chat, Google Hangout, channel and Discord server their Boat.
    • This is because the name is a reference to boats.
  • The mascot you see on the banner and profile picture is named Gary the Chipmunk.
  • Because Blasty didn't make another email, this group is considered one of his own channels; however, it has been stated by him that he is just uploading content that the members made and are approved to be on the channel.
  • D.O.C. is ranked 2nd of the Commentary Groups with the most current members, beating out F.O.X. and beaten out by B.O.P.
  • Gemfan1999 was kicked due to Pokefan and Sketch accidently calling them a he, Gem removed both of them because of it, Obscurain told Blasty to stop this from happening and so she took action and removed Gem from the group. Gem later got one last chance in the group.
  • Doodletones was accidentally added by Cl0wn-DUD3 while he was testing out commands, Blasty removed her from the group because of an obvious reason.

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