Discount is a commentator who started commentating in May 26, 2016. she was a member of the group Corporation of the Alternate Nitpickers until she was later kicked out.

Discount Let's Player-Freaking Weirdo Edit

Throughout her time in the Commentary Community, Discount has been called for instances where she takes jokes from other commentators or for her generally poor points.

She has made multiple accounts going by different names, and her last commentary channel was called Freaking Weirdo.

She has now stopped making commentaries due to not having fun with them (except he will do co-ops) and now does Pokemon related content under the name Pokefan the Weirdo. however he now does commentaries Again.

Discount The Pokefan/ Zinko Mintle Edit

Discount The Pokefan Is Discount's Final Account As She Says. Though If She Regrets A Commentary She Will Unlist/Delete It Depending On How Bad It Is. She Has Regreted Her Past Lies And Strives To Be A Better Person And Commentator. Recently She Transitioned To A Female. Though She Got Backlash She Still Feels She Is Trans [She Also Came Out As A Bisexual] Anyways She Stopped The ALT Accounts And Admitted She Is 11 Years Old Not The 14 She Said And She Regrets The Lying She Did To The Community.

Avatars Edit

  • It Me (Rion's OC) [Dropped]
  • Robot Jones (Whatever Happened to Robot Jones?) [Dropped]
  • Pikachu (Pokemon Red and Blue)
  • Torchic (Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire)
  • Morty (Rick and Morty)[Dropped]
  • Tom (Eddsworld)[Dropped]
  • Dr. Eggman (Sonic the Hedgehog)[Dropped]
  • XJ9 (My Life as a Teenage Robot)[Dropped]
  • LeafyIsHere[Dropped]
  • Toon Link (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker)
  • Ben Tennyson (Ben 10 2016)
  • ash ketchum (pokemon)[Dropped]
  • Chowder (Chowder) [Dropped]
  • Dawn (Pokemon Diamond And Pearl) [Planned]
  • Kirie Motoba (Himoto! Umaru Chan) [Planned]
  • Anita (OC)

Commentaries Under Her New Name Edit

People She Covered [Under Her New Name] Edit

Frozen Angel [One Shot]

Sketch TB [Joke]

TheDarkCommentator [One Shot]