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Duel Taku is a commentator that started in December 2017. His first commentary was a one-shot on Fluffal YGO, with his first legitimate commentary being on Blazing Larvesta in January 2018. In February 2018, he became a member of Future Ultimate Commentators and Kooldudes. In June 2018, he became a member of Bunch of Overthinking Bitches. In August 2018, he became a member of Repcon. On October 8, 2018, he helped found the group Dynasty of Idiotic Eccentrics with Synth Mav and MegatronDBZ, which merged the groups he was a part of.

Avatars Edit

  • Yuma Tsukumo (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL) [Main]
  • Yuri (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) [Main]
  • Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
  • Kaito Momota (Danganronpa V3)
  • John Morrison (WWE)
  • Vergil (DMC: Devil May Cry) (Retired)
  • Yugo (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V) (Retired)

Planned Avatars:

  • His OC
  • Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill)
  • Vector (Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL)

People he co-op'd with Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • He considers Doodletones and Vii Omega his inspirations for creating commentaries.
  • Acts incredibly horny on main with MegatronDBZ.
  • Loves tormenting BlazinHope using the song Ram Ranch.
  • He is the self-proclaimed "CC Ultimate Yugiweeb."
  • Has another personality named Commen-Taku. Commen is a bitch and you should hate him as he's a slutshamer.
  • He has an interesting set of weekly kinks. They change over time as he is very experimental.