edray1416 (also known as Bourg Productions) is a user known for rants, educational videos, and creator of the controversial series "Conservative Commentaries." He is known for his blatant hatred of popular commentators, often being compared to George W. Bush and Rush Limbaugh in the commentary community.

List of people edray feuded with in the CC:Edit




Rion "Rhino" Mills



Kayden Marx



Nihilistic Snake

Conservative Commentaries:Edit

edray created a controversial series called "Conservative Commentaries" in which he commentated on the medical profession, news segments, Queer Kid Stuff, PewDiePie, etc. The series was so controversial that it warranted responses from Ephrom Josine and Chris Taylor VA. edray ended the series because he felt that the series ran it's course and didn't want to drag it on for longer than necessary.

Trivia about edray:Edit

  • He's racist
  • He's sexist
  • He hates the LGBT community
  • He hates Anti-Semites
  • He hates Atheists

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