Lunaticthegame is a commentator who's been active since April 2016. Though he didn't offically join the community until November 2016, he made a commentary on Gligar13Vids "For the fun of it" in late April 2016. Though he had no idea what commentaries were nor did he know of the difference, it received backlash from the CC. This led to S.O.C.'s commentary on him which led him to eventually join in. After much practice, Lunatic has improved his style.


Originally, Lunatic had no plans to join the CC nor did he know of its existence. However, Though he'd known how the commenting style worked, only he was led to believe these were rants. Eventually, towards the end of April, he decided to make a video rant on Gligar13Vids. It was released in late April and soon gained some attention in the CC. However, Lunatic never learned this and eventually went on to make two sequels to it. Eventually though, this backlash caught him in the foot and he discovered it in July of 2016. He shut down his channel for a month (He was a crybaby then, nothing big) before returning to recollect his thoughts. In a jumbled up mess that was his response, he stayed away from doing anything that would give him any bad rep. It worked... but that didn't matter in the long run because of his interference of S.O.C.'s commentary on him. He panned the group because of how they treated him throughout the entire video. Though he never expressed this until far later. Though at the current moment, he still had very little understanding on the CC and was only hearing small details about it. After his true response though, he planned on staying away from the commentary community... but the amount of weird people, events and drama in the CC intrigued him and in October, Discount would encourage him to join.

First VentureEdit

His first commentary was the testing waters. Really, it was to see if he was getting the hang of things. He wasn't...the video didn't elaborate on its points and commentaries could take these points in multiple directions if they wanted. It was that bad...though he later tried again with another one done on a kid screaming about Sonic 06. He really has nothing to say about it though but he assumes it's also pretty bad. His next attempt came in January 2017. After some meddling, he decided to make a video on something Dragon Ball related. At the time, he was mainly apart of the DB fanfic community and wanted to make a video that even his friends there could enjoy. He decided to make a video on rants about GT. However, it all came down to the video Score PN made on Dragon Ball GT. For the most part, it was very well done (But a few problems did plague it). Jonah Smith commentated on it on February 4, 2017... and Lunatic commentated on it. However, in order to make sure nobody saw it as a biased video, he wasn't very serious sounding in the video and also defended Jonahs video. However, the video did spark a collaboration in the two.

Current StandingsEdit

By the month of March though, Lunatic lost his ability to edit well because of the loss of VideoPad (His primary editing software). March eventually was his quiet moment for the most part as he slowly drifted from the Fanfic and Commentary Communities and focused on Let's Plays (The Fanfic community didn't really care much for him and he knew making Movie Maker styled commentaries were not very fun) but even that didn't help. He scrapped a total of 3 commentaries in March alone. Later that month though, he would be accepted into C.A.N. though in the beginning, he found the place to be terrible mess. However, following the Direct Massacre of 2017 (In which Direct took out half of the members of the group) and the Cancerous Commentator Can Purge (In which Jaye took out all of his least favorite members) not too long after, he felt more comfortable in the group and contributed. In April, he managed to get Videopad back and used it to begin work on another commentary. At the time, he had been in the middle of playing Breath of the Wild and wanted to do a video surrounding it. He managed to find a video talking about Breath of the Wild and how it didn't deserve the 10/10s it was getting at launch. It got some praise but Lunatic felt it was underwhelming for its time. Later on though, he'd collaborate with Jonah Smith on his next video (Editing the video TWICE for him because of his computers death) which was released on his channel.

On June 19, 2017, he uploaded a commentary on multiple Dragon Ball Super rants. He also briefly joined S.O.C. before being removed by Nihilistic Snake soon afterwards.

Commentaries he's doneEdit

  • Gligar13Vids (Pre-CC)
  • WatchMojo
  • TheRobloxer88
  • Score PN
  • Jonah Smith
  • Wesly Tomski
  • Blasty (Co-op With Jonah Smith)
  • Sandro Louis-Jean
  • Real Talk/W Truth
  • Omari Morgan
  • StrangeElephant

Commentaries on himEdit


  • Kid Goku (3, 5, 5.5)
  • Teen Gohan (1, 2)
  • Goku Black (4)
  • Caulifla (6)
  • Gladion (7, C.A.N.)
  • Solo (Retired)


  • Though his first commentary was bad, he hasn't disowned it because he believes his points still stand, but hadn't been elaborated enough.
  • Also, he was nicknamed the Dragon Ball commentator because of his overuse of Dragon Ball avatars and two of his commentaries (First and third) being Dragon Ball related. (His fourth kind of counts as well)
  • He technically never had any inspiration in the CC (He barely knew what it was before making his first). However, he seems to credit Supersonicward15 as his current inspiration. Also to a lesser extent, Jonah Smith.
  • Coincidentally, he happens to have a sort of accidental commentary schedule that is usually once a month. (1st - November. 2nd - December. 3rd - January. 4th - February. 5th - April. 6th - May). He skipped March because he lost VideoPad for the entirety of the month.
  • He has scrapped a total of 5 commentaries. The first was on S.O.C. (he thought it was redundant and he wanted to start fresh), the second was on a collection of Kai videos (Kai hate was mostly reduced to comment section fights and so videos were mostly 4-6 years old). Another one was on Dragon Ball Super rants (Scrapped because of his lack of motivation... AKA, he would have had to edit it with Movie Maker). His fourth was on Mindoutofsync (Scrapped because it focused more on jokes than points). His fifth was on Jonah Smith (Scrapped because he felt his points were both unnecessarily harsh and redundant).
  • In June 2017, he had a brief stint with S.O.C. that lasted a total of 4 hours. He was kicked because SereousGamer33 believed his content wasn't good enough. Later, Lunatic joked that he was the only one in the group that they actually had to think about kicking.
  • Despite being in the CC for months, he has only made two commentaries on actual commentators (Jonah Smith and Strange Elephant).
  • He hates his second commentary even though there has never been any comments about it.
  • He also hates his Jonah Smith commentary because he believes he didn't do enough in the video.
  • Similarly, he finds his Score 1 for GT to be meh because of his dead sounding performance, and multiple missed opportunities.

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