MegaDoopTV (formerly known as ToxicStar984) is a ranter/commentator who joined the CC in August 2015, but as of November 2015, he revealed himself to be UltimateRanter777 and decided to stop doing commentaries because of his lies for a few months. He returned to making commentaries afterward but retired from doing commentaries again in late August 2016, but this time, he retired from doing rants as well. He has decided to return to rants and commentaries in March 2017 and wants to make his channel greater than it ever was. He however is Anti-CC and does commentaries separate from the CC.

Avatars Edit

  • Aku (Samurai Jack)
  • Specter Knight (Shovel Knight)
  • Tom (Eddsworld)
  • Reptile (Mortal Kombat)
  • Grovyle (Pokémon)
  • Dib (Invader Zim)
  • Aran Ryan (Punch-Out)
  • Himself


Commentaries by MegaDoopTV

People who commentated on him Edit

Deleted commentaries (As ToxicStar984) Edit

  • Braedons Rants & MORE
  • Billy Bob HGUA
  • Blaze The Movie Fan
  • Tom Woodcock
  • TylerRants 514
  • Undertakerfreak1127
  • CommentJack
  • TheMooch78
  • Isaac Johnson
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter
  • TVBCrap
  • Daniel Foster
  • Minnesotaboyy
  • The Amazing Atheist
  • ABrandonToThePast

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