Meta527II is a commentator who started commentaries in 2011, alongside countdowns and whatnot.

History Edit

He got particular attention for quite a while for his own thoughts on Roushutsu, where he says that he had a crush on her, and is particularly obsessive over her. This got to the point where Meta was acting pretty creepy and even stalked her channel when back then her suggestion box disappeared and he noticed it immediately.

When some commentators joked to him about and even talked to him about it, he couldn't accept it or even change for the bit. This most likely ended when Roushutsu had stopped commentating altogether. Afterward, he still kept doing commentaries and has sometimes become a bandwagon as well, to the point where B.O.P. made a video on him. And even after that, people still poke fun of Meta's commentaries and countdowns.

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  • Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

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Commentaries by Meta527II

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