Mister Power Armor (stylized as Mister_Power_Armor) is a commentator who started commentaries in November of 2015. His first commentary was on Vindicus' video on Star Wars Episode VII.

Avatars Used Edit

  • Sans (Undertale)
  • Power Armor (Fallout 4)
  • Zinnia (Pokemon)
  • Charizard/Mega Charizard X (Pokemon)
  • Vaas Montenegro (Far Cry 3)

People he commentated on Edit

  • Vindicus
  • AgostoProductions
  • Twizz Gamers
  • Wolfsterr
  • SilverLeagueNetworks (Co-op with Avalonian Sky)
  • TheMetalBlade5
  • Silokhawk
  • Relic
  • Waters of Madness

People he co-op'd with Edit

People who commentated on him Edit

Links Edit

His YouTube channel

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