RBLXStealer is a former commentator, his first commentary was in the Leafy/Pyro style, but he started Dodger Watches on the 20th of July. His style involved using one avatar, and using story lines.

Avatar Edit

  • Dodger (OC)

People He Covered Edit

  • Food Dudes
  • Vaskovtale
  • Andrea the Killer
  • Sonicisthebest111111
  • A two shot on a Loud House fan animation called "Wake Up Call"
  • Undertale shipping

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the few commentators who use the same avatar since they started. He doesn't consider Linko an avatar but an assistant at most, Which is why Linko has a different group.
  • He is one of the few commentators who do YTP's and Commentaries.
  • He is responsible for the ''D O G D E R F L A K E S'' video for D.O.C., which served as a teaser for the second episode.
  • He has had beef with DOC ever since he was kicked out. Specifically, beef with Some Funny meme, which caused him to leave the CC.

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