ShadowBlazex8 is a former commentator who was a huge bandwagon of the commentary community. The main reason people got on him was because he stated the obvious a lot, and barely brought anything useful to the videos he commentated on.

Avatars Edit

None, most of the times he commentated as the video was playing. And the times he didn't he used Internet meme pics.

People he commentated on Edit

  • Irategamer (a couple of times)
  • Game Dude (a couple of times)
  • Mariotehplumber (a couple of times)
  • beiberluvr1234
  • vaporeontrainer/summoner87 (a couple of times)
  • PimpinMasterDX (a couple of times)
  • Veryinvalid
  • VIB113

People who commentated on him Edit

  • JuniorfanReturns
  • Steventhemaster
  • MSkull01
  • VesperTheSnake
  • Ampharos95
  • CyberWolf087

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