Shadsilvson11 is a former commentator who made commentaries on mostly Game Reviewers like the Irate Gamer, and Game Dude. He quit commentaries in early 2013, then proceeded to make different content in the following months until November of that same year, were he decided to quit making Youtube videos all together, he's still active through comments and such.

Ever since he quit making commentaries he has made quite evident his distain for the commentary community. A number of reasons as to why he hates the community include it comprising of arrogant snobs with superiority complexes, commentators favouring ad-hominem attacks and insults over critical arguments, double standards amongst who gets commentated on etc. In short he felt commentaries stopped being fun and started to encourage conformity and elitism.

Avatars Edit

  • Tom the Hedgehog (His Sonic FC)
  • Henry Cooldown (No More Heroes 2)

Commentaries Edit

Commentaries by Shadsilvson11

People who commentated on him Edit

  • VesperTheSnake
  • ZMAnonymous (twice)
  • Gligar13Vids/TheVHSHell (twice)
  • Oblivion709
  • TehFunnyguyShow
  • TOGProfessor
  • supercharmander1
  • Uriah Apparatus
  • MSkull01
  • Gryph7619

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