"And that's the way this roadrunner runs." ~ SpaceGuru5

SpaceGuru5, also known as the Coyote, the Draconequus, and Dollar Store Hobbes, is an independent commentator and ranter, though his activity in both communities is intermittent and he himself identifies more as a part-time commentator. He began making rants on November 7, 2010, and his first commentary was posted on March 1, 2011. However, most of his content is focused on things other than commentaries and rants; he also does live streams, movies (although his latest movie was posted in 2014), music, Creepypasta readings, and random videos with his friends.

SpaceGuru5 has never been a member of any commentary group. Thus, he is identified as an independent commentator. However, he does occasionally collaborate with other commentators. It's also worth noting that, since 2016, he has been a member of a Discord server called "The Usual Gang of Hoes" (U.G.H.), of which he is a moderator.

SpaceGuru5 has been somewhat active in recent months, though he mostly posts music and random videos of his friends. He is set to do his job in the U.S. Army as a signals intelligence (SIGINT) analyst.

As of late, SpaceGuru5 is generally known for his multiple commentaries on Guptill89, his videos examining CristalDarkRose101 and Kphoria, his old Flipnote Hatena uploads, his review of Barney's Great Adventure with DFG Hulk and Darth Vigorous, and his commentaries on Smartass Birb and Dillin Thomas. He has been generally well received, despite his small audience. In addition to this, SpaceGuru5 has also garnered respect for his civil responses to criticism, and he is usually praised for his argumentative style and sense of humor. However, it has been noted that he doesn't always understand facetious remarks, though he is trying to get better at this.

SpaceGuru5 has criticized the CC's general hostile environment in recent years. He claims that some people in the CC take commentaries way too seriously, to the point where harassment and bullying is seen more often than constructive criticism. However, he has also pointed out that these problems have plagued the community for a long time, probably since the very beginning. Nevertheless, he remains an infrequent contributor to the CC.

On May 21, 2018 (the 9th anniversary of his channel's creation), SpaceGuru5 posted a video discussing his entire YouTube history, starting from September 2007 and continuing to the date of the video's posting. The video itself was written and narrated in late April 2018, and the video was completed on May 11, 2018.

Significant EventsEdit

MSkull01 controversy (12 Mar 2012)Edit

SpaceGuru5 gained some form of notoriety on March 12, 2012, when MSkull01 commentated on his infamous "Internet Rules Rant" video (which he actually recommended him to do) and insinuated that he was homophobic, based on his particular dislike for Ren and Stimpy being portrayed as homosexuals in Ren & Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon. SickKirby also commentated on this particular video. As a result of MSkull's video, SpaceGuru5 became widely viewed in the commentary community as a homophobe (a view that SpaceGuru5 himself still doesn't understand), with one user even leaving the following comment on SpaceGuru5's video:

"you sir are a homophobe. now stand still while i beat you to death with my gay dick!"
~ 8BitFox, 2012

However, it's worth noting that these accusations ceased by the end of that year.

These days, SpaceGuru5 looks back on this instance with a sense of disbelief that it even happened at all, even though MSkull's commentary is no longer available.

"I merely said that Ren & Stimpy's portrayal as gay in APC was in poor taste. that doesn't mean I hate all gay couples
could I have worded it a bit better? sure. does that excuse the name calling I received as a result of MSkull accusing me of being something I'm not? absolutely not.
I remember MSkull replied to Hobbes's comment with something like, "His anti-Semitic comments are off-putting, but he's still cool."
so he basically equated me with someone who is anti-Semitic
even though I literally never stated that I thought homosexuality was bad
but oh, MSkull's our hero. everything he says is true. guess we oughta attack SpaceGuru5 for no reason
fuck, I thought I was over that whole incident. guess I'm still traumatized"
~ SpaceGuru5, 26 Nov 2017 — Source: Discord server, "The Usual Gang of Hoes"

Grouchland controversy (9–17 Sep 2014)Edit

SpaceGuru5 faced some more criticism on September 9, 2014, when his commentary on Mike Matei's review of Elmo's Adventures in Grouchland was subsequently commentated on by Rion "Rhino" Mills, AzumangaDiohFan101, Dark Agumon, and Dirtbikeredden, although he handled the criticism maturely and was able to move past the whole thing quickly.

Birb controversy (28 Nov 2017–19 Feb 2018)Edit

From November 28 to December 6, 2017, things took a rather sudden turn. It all started when Illiniguy34 reacted negatively to Dan Roxas suggesting him to be a bad user, and SpaceGuru5 jumped in to support Dan Roxas. Their exchange, which spanned more than 70 comments, happened on SpaceGuru5's video discussing Smartass Birb's actions on YouTube, Twitter, and GoFundMe. The argument only ended because SpaceGuru5 blocked Illiniguy34 off of his channel.

Then, on November 30, Dillin Thomas posted a commentary on SpaceGuru5's commentary on Smartass Birb. In it, Dillin tried to insinuate that SpaceGuru5 was an easily offended social justice warrior and defended Birb's claims that gays were no longer oppressed in America. In response, SpaceGuru5 posted a rebuttal commentary on December 2 that countered many of Dillin's arguments.

Evidently, Dillin didn't take this very well; the next day, Dillin posted what would be the thumbnail for his response to SpaceGuru5, which featured SpaceGuru5's character Zed being realistically strangled and armed ISIS members in the background. This greatly disturbed SpaceGuru5, and, after days of heated disputes between the two of them, SpaceGuru5 blocked Dillin from his YouTube and Twitter on December 6. Illiniguy34 also feuded with SpaceGuru5 on Twitter during this time, which ended when SpaceGuru5 blocked him.

On December 9, MegatronDBZ posted his own commentary on SpaceGuru5's Smartass Birb commentary. However, SpaceGuru5 didn't notice this until February 18.

Dillin posted his response to SpaceGuru5 on December 18, 2017. In it, Dillin pointed out that two of his sources were outdated (SpaceGuru5 admitted to this on his own video after the fact), and he dismissed LGBT statistics because he felt it was too general when discussing gay rights. He also claimed that SpaceGuru5 took his entire video out of context.

On December 23, SpaceGuru5's commentary suddenly garnered 16 extra downvotes (before this, there were 5 downvotes). SpaceGuru5 attributed this to spite. One thing he observed was that people were turning his discussion into what he likened to a pissing contest.

"I noticed that people were turning what Dillin and I discussed into a pissing contest over who's right about gay oppression. Thing is, this whole thing isn't a matter of whether or not gays are being oppressed; it's a matter of dealing with the fact that they ARE being oppressed. All I did was present a civil rebuttal to everything Dillin was saying about my video, and then suddenly he and his cronies are all "SHUT UP, BITCH. HE'S RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG." If this is his idea of a civil discussion, then I'm glad I don't want to have one with him. You can have your disagreements with my views on how the LGBT should be treated here. However, the fact remains that the LGBT are still being oppressed. Most of this squabble is about whether or not gays are involved in this, which they are; gays are still oppressed here. The whole "LGBT rights aren't the same thing as gay rights" argument is a bunch of crock. In either case, we're still talking about how gays deserve more rights than what little they do. I just used an acronym to name other marginalized groups of varying sexualities, too. This is the last time I'll be addressing this whole situation like this for a while. I realize that not everyone is gonna be civil about this, but oh well. I've presented my own points. Make of them what you wish, and form your own opinions from there. I'm done with this."
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweets, 24 Dec 2017

On January 4, 2018, after taking a break from the whole situation and watching Dillin's response, SpaceGuru5 unblocked Dillin from Twitter and YouTube and posted the following:

"So after taking a break from this whole brouhaha involving [Dillin], I'm willing to admit that I made really dumb rookie mistakes in my commentary, particularly when it came to me calling him an Islamophobic racist. Plus, a few of my sources were a few years out of date. However, with all that said, I still stand by most of what I said about Dillin's stance on gay rights. Sure, my usage of the acronym LGBT may have been a bit too inclusive, but I only used it because that group is being oppressed as a whole, and that group also includes the gays. Even if that acronym wasn't an issue here, the fact remains that state legislation continues to be proposed that aims to put the LGBT community at a disadvantage; the LGBT are still being oppressed in the USA. That was the main thesis of what I was trying to say in all of this. I'm just putting this out there to bring some closure to all of this. I know I fucked up a few times throughout this thing, and I'll make sure not to do that again. Much of my reaction to this was mostly out of compounded stress I was undergoing at that time. That's my fault. I'll just leave this here:
HRC: 100+ anti-LGBTQ+ bills have been introduced in 2017
My god, I'm tired of talking about this. Let's just end it here, please..."
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweets, 4 Jan 2018

SpaceGuru5 looks back on this situation with regret for his behavior towards Illiniguy34 and Dillin, although he still stands by his commentary on Dillin. In the CC itself, SpaceGuru5's commentaries on Smartass Birb and Dillin have garnered mixed reception.

On February 10, 2018, SpaceGuru5 learned of Dillin's retirement from the CC. At that time, all but one of his commentaries were set to private/unlisted.

On February 18, 2018, SpaceGuru5 commentated on MegatronDBZ's commentary, highlighting a number of flaws in his arguments. He accused MegatronDBZ of strawmanning, complained about his usage of Wikipedia as a source (with one passage lacking any citations), and questioned his reading and listening comprehension skills. Upon MegatronDBZ watching this, he and SpaceGuru5 reconciled on YouTube and Twitter. This marked the end of SpaceGuru5's active involvement in the Birb controversy.

On February 19, 2018, Nihilistic Snake posted a two-shot commentary to SpaceGuru5's Birb commentary. In it, he addressed two points that specifically bothered him, while claiming not to try to resurrect the dead controversy. SpaceGuru5 has no plans to respond to this.

Involvement in AvatarGate (22–24 Feb 2018)Edit

On February 22, 2018, Sketch TB informed SpaceGuru5 of #AvatarGate. Specifically, he mentioned Seriously Isaac's fervent belief that the use of OCs as avatars makes a commentary objectively good. NaiTaiDai and Sci Fin were also having a scuffle over this. SpaceGuru5 initially responded with two Tweets mocking this idea.

"So apparently, using OCs as your avatars makes your videos objectively better.
I didn't realize imposing subjective standards on the entire CC was still a good idea. It's not like this was a bad idea several years ago.
#Avatargate #HereWeGoAgain"
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 22 Feb 2018
""Look at my amazing new OC! I call him Dickface Dotterson! Using him in my video will make it so much better! Sure beats using a character that already exists!"
People actually believe this.
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 22 Feb 2018

SpaceGuru5 then decided to go the extra mile in mocking this idea. Within about an hour, he made a deliberately terrible video titled "This video is objectively good because it has an OC". The video features a constant shaking image of a poorly drawn rock character on an ugly background, with a distorted and amplified segment of "Never Gonna Hit Those Notes" as the music. SpaceGuru5 claims that the point of the video was to mock the idea that, because he used an OC in it, the video was somehow objectively good, even though it's a downright awful video on all accounts.

"I want this to be the worst video ever
but it's okay because OC
~ SpaceGuru5, 22 Feb 2018 — Source: Discord server, "Federation For Fams"

SpaceGuru5 ended up tagging Sci Fin, Sketch TB, and SeriouslyIsaac in a Tweet he made sharing the video.

"My response to #AvatarGate, the latest CC brainfart. @SketchTB @SciFinYT @SeriouslyIsaac_ [link]"
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 22 Feb 2018

Evidently, Sci Fin didn't take this too well. He left the following comment on the video:

"says i ignore criticism *nice one guys* your retardation level has gone from 1 - 10000000 in a few weeks, just remember one guy made your entire community go spastic over something as little as an avatar disagreement."
~ Sci Fin's YouTube comment, 22 Feb 2018

After Sketch TB and Sci Fin subsequently argued for several comments, SpaceGuru5 left the following comments:

"This video is objectively good because it has an OC.

That's literally the only thing this is about, lmao"

"This is exactly what I meant when I said people in the CC take this shit way too seriously. We're having this shouting match over a stupid video featuring a rock. Like, come on..."

"Sci Fin
By the way, I never claimed that you ignore criticism. However, your actions today have proven to me that you can't take a joke. Good work, man."
~ SpaceGuru5's comments, 22 Feb 2018

This was followed by SpaceGuru5 Tweeting about the whole ordeal.

"I can't believe something as dumb as a shaking rock set to "Never Gonna Hit Those Notes" would upset someone so badly :face with tears of joy:"
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 22 Feb 2018

SpaceGuru5's Tweets have been Retweeted several times, with NaiTaiDai even Retweeting directly to Sci Fin and Seriously Isaac.

On the same day, Sci Fin Tweeted the following:

"i know this video is sarcasm but and low quality but it is objectively better, because you took at least some time to make something unique, nice try guys but my points still hold up [link]"
~ Sci Fin's Tweet, 22 Feb 2018

Sketch TB was very swift to call him out on this.

"You know he was mocking you right? He made the video purposefully jarring with the visuals, audio and various other things as well. You understand that this video is actually hard to sit through due to the fact that there's things moving around randomly and Music that changes pitch randomly and the picture isn't a PNG with a background that is visually painful to look at as well. Are you really going to be at the intellect of a toddler thinking, "It's gud cuz' original character" This was mocking you and Isaac's ideas."
~ Sketch TB's Tweets, 23 Feb 2018

SpaceGuru5 also called him out on this.

"I don't think you understand that this video is a joke, dude. xD"
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 23 Feb 2018

He also responded in agreement to Sketch TB's Tweet.

"Looks like he wants to always be right, no matter how dumb he makes himself look in the process! ;3

~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 23 Feb 2018

Up until February 24, 2018, SpaceGuru5 and Sci Fin exchanged fire. Sci Fin claimed that SpaceGuru5 misconstrued his points and to be "jerking off" NaiTaiDai. Meanwhile, SpaceGuru5 pointed out many of Sci Fin's flaws, which included blatant misconstruing of points, fabrication of points that weren't presented, and a latent vendetta Sci Fin had against NaiTaiDai that might've clouded his reasoning.

AvatarGate itself ended on February 24, 2018, with Sci Fin deleting all of his Tweets talking about it, leaving only a Tweet containing media that reads:

"For those who have noticed I deleted all my tweets related to avatar gate, and @WebComSur, this is not because I'm trying to avoid criticism like NaiTaiDai will probably say all over his account, I'm done with this stupid drama. Don't bug me about it I dont give a shit, and look if NaiTaiDai does attack me all he's done is prove my points, it's idiotic you guys cared about some tiny youtuber who didn't like some people's avatars. Actual video dropping soon, and in closing I still believe in my original statements (for the most part) were completely true and if you disagree it's s u b j e c t i v e."
~ Source: Sci Fin's Tweet, 24 Feb 2018

A few days later, Sci Fin deleted many of his Tweets, including his final Tweet regarding his stance on AvatarGate. Nothing more has been said about it since then.

SpaceGuru5 intends to use this incident as an example of Sci Fin's overt stubbornness, failure to understand jokes, and inability to take criticism.

Final Skirmish with Dillin (4–18 Mar 2018)Edit

On March 4, 2018, Dillin made all of his commentaries publicly available again. Soon after, he began a series of live streams titled "Commentary Community Bloodsports," in which he and others discussed what they felt to be problems with the CC. SpaceGuru5 and other users mocked Dillin on a few occasions for talking about the CC, despite Dillin's claim that he wanted nothing to do with it anymore. It took until March 18, 2018, for Dillin to respond to a CC Pic of the Week posted by GEM of 99. The picture, drawn and colored by SpaceGuru5 himself, depicted SpaceGuru5 pointing and laughing at Dillin whilst holding a tape recorder playing the words, "I'm not getting involved in the CC," with an angry Dillin saying, "Shut up, you autist." Dillin replied with a challenge to join his Discord server to talk it out. SpaceGuru5 likened this to a similar move pulled by Smartass Birb.

GEM of 99's tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted, due to Sketch TB scolding both him and SpaceGuru5 on Discord for posting it. GEM insisted that he had nothing else to lose by this point, while SpaceGuru5 asserted that he knew what he was doing and that he was only mocking the situation. However, Dillin had screencapped the tweet and posted it himself, asking GEM if the deletion meant he realized the tweet was "a bad idea." Nothing else came of it.

On March 26, 2018, Dillin handed control of the DHT Commentaries channel to Sketch TB, as was explained in Sketch's tweets from that same day. Based on this, it appears that Dillin has finally stepped away from doing and talking about commentaries to focus more on being a Sonic YouTuber. The very next day, the DHT Commentaries channel was deleted, per Dillin's request. His commentaries now exist only as mirrors.

On March 29, 2018, Dillin posted a video in which he apologized for his past behavior, primarily towards the CC.

After watching the video, SpaceGuru5 left a long comment apologizing for his own behavior.

"I'll admit, even I took things too far when you and I sparred. Not just in my response commentary to you, but also during our squabbles on Twitter. I was wrong to go out on a limb and make wild accusations about you being an Islamophobic racist and whatnot. I should've just kept things civil like I was originally intending to do. During that time, I was just under a lot of personal stress, and I decided to just take it out on you. Your subsequent response to me (that damn thumbnail) and the attacks I got from your fanbase only added to what I was going through in December, and it led me to a dark place I never thought I'd get to. I never should've taken any of that out on you.

And then, of course, there's those times I picked on you on Twitter and that drawing I made of me laughing at you. I made those out of spite just to get a rise out of you, because I just wanted nothing more than to bug you. That was unbelievably childish of me to do. I should've just left things alone back in January instead of continually mock you into February. It was more of that dark side of me showing that I hope to never show again.

It is very big of you to come out and apologize like this. After hearing your side of things and why you behaved the way you did, I've come to grips with what happened between us in December. That's why I'm making this apology to you right here, because I have my own actions to apologize for as well. I wish nothing but the best for you and your future.

Take care, man."
~ SpaceGuru5's comment, 20 Apr 2018

SpaceGuru5 permanently distanced himself from Dillin on August 29, 2018, following jokes Dillin made about victims of the Jacksonville shooting and the attitude Dillin pursued upon receiving backlash.

"They should have played minecraft. The got what they deserved, for supporting EA."
~ Source: Dillin's Tweet, 26 Aug 2018 (the day of the shooting)
"Ok I have something to say in regards to my previous tweet, it was terrible and I will try my hardest to never make a terrible mistake like that again....

Oh I'm not talking about the joke I'm talking about the typo I made. The instead of they, god what a fuck up lol."
~ Source: Dillin's Tweet, 28 Aug 2018
"Just no, dude. Saying "EA supporters deserve to die" is not a joke, especially since you said this about victims of a mass shooting at a Madden tournament."
~ Source: SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 29 Aug 2018

SpaceGuru5 has no intention of making a video on this topic.

MattsFTR skirmish (16–18 May 2018)Edit

On May 16, 2018, SpaceGuru5 posted a one-shot commentary on MattsFTR. In it, he picked apart MattsFTR's video claiming that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity. He explained that A.I. will never be truly intelligent, since it's nothing more than a set of complex instructions and programs input by another human being. He also accused MattsFTR of turning anything into a conspiracy theory.

On May 18, 2018, MattsFTR and SpaceGuru5 briefly argued in the comments section, which ended when SpaceGuru5 blocked MattsFTR. SpaceGuru5 claims he did this because he didn't want to relive the events of December 2017, and he felt that continuing to argue with MattsFTR would go nowhere.

Later that afternoon, SpaceGuru5 posted a bunch of links to screencaps on Twitter.

"Today's lesson: How NOT to respond to a one-shot commentary, exemplified by MattsFTR.
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 18 May 2018

When toshipandabear (a good friend of SpaceGuru5) replied in favor of SpaceGuru5, SpaceGuru5 left a reply further detailing MattsFTR's online behavior.

"There's more. He even has the standard holier than thou mentality shared by every other conspiracy nut. Here's his channel description.
MattsFTR - The Realist [sic] Channel On YouTube

My old YouTube pages are:
- MatthewcMJ
- MoonwalkerMatty1
- TheOneMjMatt
These accounts generated me over 50 million video views and thousands of subscribers in the years of 2005 to 2008, so for those of you who think I am not, or never was known; then guess again!

MattsFTR is about going where most people are too afraid to go. I try to answer the unthinkable, and think the unanswerable. Since 2005, MattsFTR has become the biggest MJ advocate in YouTube history. As of 2008, I am a ranter of worldwide corruption, and I make professional advice videos.

I will never censor myself, I give it to you straight. MattsFTR is for those who are not afraid of reality. The truth may hurt, but lies hurt more.

Can you handle the truth? Then welcome to Matt's For The Record."
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 18 May 2018

From all of this, SpaceGuru5 and his friends have concluded that MattsFTR is very self-righteous and arrogant, to the point where he is unwilling to hear anyone else's opinions other than his own, which he deems superior to others' opinions.

Involvement in the CommDB Drama (21–22 Jun 2018)Edit

On June 21, 2018, SpaceGuru5 made a blog post speculating that his pages on CommentaryDB and the CC Wiki, among several others, were vandalized by ThisIsntNotMetal. He made the post public by Tweeting about it and mentioning Realm warssII, Akriloth2160, and BoP, asking them to look into the issue. SpaceGuru5 eventually got confirmation that ThisIsntNotMetal wasn't the vandal, but not before a user named Sugarp1e1 doxxed the information related to the IP address. This caused a lot of discussion in the CC about doxxing, with some referencing the drama involving SickKirby. Upon this, and reasoning that the original issue was already resolved, SpaceGuru5 deleted the Tweet and blog post. He then made the following statement:

"The CommDB & CC Wiki vandalism issue went way more out of hand than I initially intended. I only wanted it to be nothing more than a CC investigation, and it turned into me enabling someone to doxx someone else. That was my mistake, and I don't want to repeat it. Let's move on..."
~ SpaceGuru5's Tweet, 22 Jun 2018

Since then, SpaceGuru5 has only made reference to this on July 7, 2018, when he left comments on Doodletones's and MegatronDBZ's videos discussing this incident. He only pointed out mistakes they made in talking about his own actions during the incident.



  • Wile E. Coyote (Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies) [used since 6 Apr 2012]
  • Master Robot Zed (Original character) [side, used since 11 Aug 2016]
  • Discord (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) [used since 31 Jan 2017]


  • Ren Höek (The Ren & Stimpy Show) [used 23 Apr–20 Aug 2011]
  • South Park Gil (Original character) [used 15–26 Oct 2011]
  • Da Yang the Dragon (Original character) [used 6 Nov 2011–1 Feb 2012]
  • Dag (Barnyard: The Original Party Animals) [used 22 Jul–2 Aug 2017] — used on Discord only

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  • Himself (twice) ××
  • The Irate Gamer ×
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  • Guptill89 (four times)
  • BIEBERisHOTxox (one-shot) ×
  • sleek462
  • Jaidon Walker
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  • Christine Weick
  • MTV News
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  • Smartass Birb
  • Dillin Thomas
  • MegatronDBZ
  • America 2.0 (one-shot)
  • MattsFTR (one-shot)

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Note: Entries marked with a dagger (†) have been removed. Entries marked with a double dagger (‡) have been unlisted. Entries marked with a multiplication sign (×) have been disowned by the commentator. Entries marked with a currency sign (¤) have been made private.

Currently, five commentaries on SpaceGuru5 are publicly available.

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** In progress.


  • He draws heavy inspiration from his good friend youngbloodfantasy91, having watched his content since late 2009, although he also cites brawlmaster08, Cyberwolf087, and AmpharosMan64 as inspirations as well. His inspiration from youngbloodfantasy91 led to his other nickname being Dollar Store Hobbes, coined by SoySus15 on September 18, 2016.
  • He posts all his artworks on DeviantART, and he is also an amateur writer.
  • Occasionally, he posts music to SoundCloud. This consists of both original pieces and transcribed works, often using MuseScore.
  • He received his first headset on February 22, 2011, thus his rants before then were only in text form.
  • He is notorious among his friends for taking screenshots of their online exchanges. As of June 24, 2016, he boasts 179 screenshots going back to September 16, 2016. He has embraced this identity.
  • He is currently enlisted in the U.S. Army under Active Duty. He left for Basic Combat Training on February 7, 2017. He trained at Fort Benning, GA, from February 15 to April 21, 2017. From May 3, 2017, to February 9, 2018, he underwent Advanced Individual Training at Goodfellow Air Force Base, TX, to become a SIGINT analyst.
  • SpaceGuru5 sometimes uses Discord as his avatar on Discord. This is the result of an inside joke that has its origins on January 31, 2017. Since that time, Discord has been recognized as SpaceGuru5's secondary avatar, and SpaceGuru5 has simply just accepted it.
  • SpaceGuru5 maintains good relationships with people within B.O.P. and F.O.X., although he isn't a member of either group.
  • SpaceGuru5 has a long-running inside joke about himself and Master Robot Zed being a couple.

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