Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators is a commentary group founded in December of 2015 by Nihilistic Snake and Dicaprio Delorean (formerly). The group has generally received a negative reception, usually due to some of its members and its commentaries, which many have noted contained flimsy points and poor editing.

Members Edit

Past MembersEdit

  • Cl0wn-DUD3
  • enz
  • Marsh Meowlow
  • Dicaprio Delorean
  • darkcicada29

Commentaries Edit

Commentaries by the Syndicate of Outcasted Commentators

People they've commentated on Edit

  • Saganfan1983
  • Roaring Thunder Pursuit (Unlisted)
  • Ephrom Josine
  • wagsmytag
  • Lunaticthegame

People who've commentated on them Edit

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