The Alt-CC are a loose community comprised of commentators who believe the mainstream commentary community has become too much of a hive mind. The stated intent of the Alt-CC is to bring together commentators of different interests and create a better coexistence of content creators affiliated with the CC. The idea was created by Mr. Inferno and Darkscythe while the name "Alt-CC" came from Just a Robot. Their video output mostly consists of responses and discussion videos. They also have a series of podcasts known as "Alt-CCasts," but no new episodes have been released as of January 2017.

Constant controversy has been surrounding the group since it's inception, particularly with regard to the group's initial lineup involving several notably-toxic individuals, lending credence to the idea that the members were chosen more on ideology than quality or positive chemistry; as well as repeated questioning as to the truthfulness behind their reasons for being separate from the CC, particularly with regard to the "hive mind" complaint. 

However, in February 2018, Darkscythe took control back of the group alongside Immaturegod and Mr. Inferno, to change up the channel and wanting it to back how they started up in late 2016.

Current Members Edit

  • Darkscythe
  • Immaturegod
  • Mr. Inferno
  • Darkghostwind

Past Members Edit