U Tube Dude, formerly known as TheUtubedude101, is a commentator who started in September of 2015 and briefly quit in January of 2017. He returned as a part of surprise co-op with Doodletones in March of 2017.

Avatars Edit

  • Drunk Stick Guy (OC) [Main]
  • Edward Bighead (Rocko's Modern Life)
  • Tom (Eddsworld)

People he commentated on Edit

  • TheMysteriousMrEnter (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Dicksponge Ent. (deleted, reuploaded)
  • TheBalishChannel (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Youngbloodfantasy91 (deleted)
  • Dicaprio Delorean (deleted, reuploaded)
  • CommentJack (twice) (deleted, both reuploaded)
  • Fluttershy259 (Joke) (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Roaring Thunder Pursuit (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Clay Claymore (deleted, reuploaded)
  • KaBlamBandicoot64 (twice) (deleted, both reuploaded)
  • Nihilistic Snake (twice) (one deleted, reuploaded)
  • Mike J. (deleted, reuploaded)
  • GEM of 99 (deleted, partially reuploaded)
  • Ottomagic Critic (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Alexander Cayford (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Neros Q (deleted, reuploaded)
  • Obscurian (Co-op with Doodletones)
  • SavDraws (Co-op with Ponder Sprocket)
  • Jorm
  • Illiniguy34
  • ForNoGoodReason

People he co-op'd with Edit

People who commentated on him Edit

Links Edit

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