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  • SuzyDoodle

    Alright, so I've heard there's currently an uproar for older commentators / lesser known commentators.

    Yes, commentators like Jim81Jim and Pikachamgamer64 ARE as important to the community as Rion Mills or MasterTP10, I won't take away that, the problem is however, we can't just go willy nilly adding pages based on these commentators when we have like... no information on who they are, what commentaries they've made, or... really anything along those lines, with no info... we simply can't put these pages in the wiki.

    Could there maybe be a chance to add them if anyone can find info? Sure, I don't see why not, but that would have to be the job of YOU guys who want these people to have pages, it would be your job to provide the info, don't jus…

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  • SuzyDoodle

    An open letter to those in ODD who wish to vandalize the wiki because "nobody takes the wiki seriously anyway".

    Ever stop to think that MAYBE people don't take the wiki seriously BECAUSE you guys like to vandalize it every week or so? Huh... it's almost as if this is a catch-22 and you guys don't seem to be clever enough to catch on to that. George and the rest of the admins (as far as I can tell, outside of Quote) would like an actual source of information on commentators newcomers to the CC can use to learn about people in the community. You choosing to vandalize it at every turn, makes that difficult. Fuck, you HAVE the CommentaryDB ALL to yourselves now, you can fuck that shit up all you want, while this can be a legitimate source of informa…

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