Youngbloodfantasy91, also known as Hobbes, had started on his Youngbloodfantasy92 account, doing commentaries, rants, and textual sketch comedy videos. He then moved on to his now more popular account Youngbloodfantasy91, where his commentaries took a big increase in quality.

Around 2011 and early 2012 Youngblood was one of the most popular commentators on YouTube due to his expansive lexicon, charisma, and well-made commentaries.

However, Youngblood got criticized when he tried to argue and even commentate on the by then very popular BlackBusterCritic. With that, his popularity slowly decreased and then left the CC in 2013 due to personal reasons and feeling he couldn't do them anymore.

Youngblood eventually joined B.O.P. during his hiatus, making him one of the earliest members. Eventually, he came back into commentating on December 2014, with his commentary on edray1416. He even started a new series on his channel named The Logo Corner, where he goes through the history and changes in various logos.

On April 2018, he joined The Cloud Palace.

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  • Hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes) [Main]
  • Tom (Tom & Jerry) (B.O.P. only)

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Commentaries by Youngbloodfantasy91

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  • Is an avid musician, making several videos using his keyboard and has expressed his love of music many times. He produces original pieces on a separate channel, FloodedAirshipMusic.
  • In a unique spin on collaborations, Youngblood served as composer for a drama short film produced by fellow commentator SavageBroadcast, Shattered Reflection (2014). He was credited under a special name, incorporating part of his real name as well as 'Hobbes'. They had also talked about collaborating on another project for a theme tune as well as on a possible short film musical, with Youngblood serving as composer and possibly lyricist, but nothing came of it.

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